Tailored Product Developments

As a leading supplier of additives to adjust rheology, flow and release properties of polymer melts, Green Polymer Additives can provide tailored versions of the binder system to address all specific applications: Powder Injection Molding, Extrusion or Additive Manufacturing using different technologies. For every new powder, for every new kind of processing, Green Polymer Additives does not have to reinvent the wheel, but to evolve the existing binder knowledge and adapt it to the new requirements. We can supply the most versatile binder system for your sinterbased application.

Assets of the Emery Oleochemicals Binder System

  • Suitable for nearly all sinterable powders
  • Best green and brown part strengths
  • Highest powder loadings, e.g. 93.5 w% for stainless steel MIM
  • Process properties of the feedstock such as flowability, release effect, rigidity and flexibility can  be adjusted
  • Solvent and green part scrap can by recycled, making the system most sustainable
  • Scale up from Additive Manufacturing for prototypes and small lots to Powder Injection Molding
  • for serial production using the same binder system

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