The Powder Injection Molding (PIM) process provides the ability to manufacture a wide variety of materials with mechanical properties that are near equivalent or in some cases exceed machining or cast process. The binder system comprises of three different components:

LOXIOL® 3172, typically 25 – 35 w% of the binder

Thermoplastic polymer (special co-polyamide) as backbone

  • Polyamides provide a high material strength, which is beneficial for green and brown part stability
  • Polyamides are polar materials and thus provide strong interaction to polar particle surfaces

LOXIOL® 2472, typically 60 – 70 w% of the binder

  • Solid plasticizer, later removed in solvent debinding
  • Lower processing temperature of polyamide
  • Adjustment of binder characteristics such as rigidity and flow by ratio of polymer to plasticizer

LOXIOL® G 20, typically approx. 5 w% of the binder

  • Stearic acid as Release Agent