Pentaerythritol esters with long chain fatty acids such as stearic acid, also called pentaerythritol tetrastearate or simply PETS, are a class of polymer additives with a strong release effect. They are typically used in polycarbonate and ABS polymers, but also in PET, PA and other plastics. These release agents have extremely low volatility, a minimum influence on the transparency of the finished article and excellent thermostability.

The different grades of LOXIOL® pentaerythritol esters produced by Emery Oleochemicals offer similar benefits.

When feeding an injection molding machine or an extruder using plastics compounds that contain LOXIOL® pentaerythritol esters, improved feed behavior has been achieved and granules are prevented from melting in the feed zone (bridge formation). LOXIOL® PETS also have a favorable influence on the tool filling speed by lowering friction.

As release agents, these additives prevent the polymer melt from sticking to the hot machine parts and facilitate mold release at higher temperatures. Even in a mold with a complex geometry, parts can be demolded easily. LOXIOL® PETS improve the surface properties of the finished articles. When using up to 0.5%, plastic articles remain transparent and color stable. In biaxially oriented polyester films, LOXIOL® pentaerythritol esters further improve resistance to abrasion.

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