As a leader in the global polymer additive industry, Emery Oleochemicals is committed to offering high performance, natural-based additives for plastics processing including lubricants, plasticizers and viscosity depressants, antistatic and antifogging agents as well as release agents made from sustainable materials. Our backwards integration into renewable feedstock and our global footprint provides our customers with a reliable worldwide supply chain.

Emery Oleochemicals continues to invest in research and new product development to meet the high demands of plastics driven markets, including the automotive, building and construction, and packaging sectors.

Research and Innovation

Emery Oleochemicals is committed to developing innovative, natural-based polymer product solutions for lubricants, plasticizers and viscosity depressants, antistatic and antifogging agents, release agents and surfactants. Catering to the increasing demand for environmentally-responsible solutions for many applications, we also work closely with our global customers to provide customized, sustainable polymer solutions to meet specific technical and performance requirements.

A state-of-the art Green Polymer Additives Global Technical Development Center (TDC) located in Loxstedt, Germany serves as the company’s Global Center of Excellence for its Green Polymer Additives business. This TDC facility covering 800 square meters has dedicated laboratories for Product Development, Application Testing and Quality Control.

Our brand LOXIOL® has been patented since 1957, and is associated with polymer additives since the beginning of the plastics industry. Due to constant innovations, we continue to develop products that meet the increasing requirements of today´s market demands.

Installation of a new pilot plant at our Loxstedt location also provides greater flexibility in upscaling our products while shortening the time-to-market for new product development. In addition, expanded manufacturing capabilities in Loxstedt allow for the manufacture of dust free products with improved flowability, called beads. Using an innovative and resource-friendly spray technology, the material has a smooth surface and a narrow particle size distribution. Dust formation is eliminated while maintaining exactly the same specification as in the common powder. Producing this dust-free product is a hallmark for this facility.

Our Global Technical Development Center in Germany is supported by regional Product and Application Development laboratories located in North America and Thailand.

Our TDC in Cincinnati, USA, Rayong, Thailand and Loxstedt, Germany are staffed with dedicated technical teams utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Custom lubricant and plasticizer development, scale-up of LOXIOL® ester lubricants and EDENOL® plasticizers in our state of the art multi- purpose reactor,
  • Formulation and applications testing for rigid and flexible PVC as well as development in engineered resins to provide technical solutions for many of today’s market segments from building and construction to medical applications, and
  • Full analytical support for lubricant and plasticizer development and modern analysis including NMR, FTIR, SPME, GC/MS, HPLC, HPLC/MS, DSC TGA and viscosity measurement as well as physical testing to measure percentage elongation, compression and tensile strength.
  • In addition our state of the art lab is equipped with weathering devices to simulate weathering characteristics of the finished article.